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Um... I wanted to ask, if maybe, since there are 2 twins, can there be 2 roleplayers, because I'd really like to be one of them ^^''

I talked to people about this and we’ve come to realize that since the twins can’t separate it’s best that they would only have one account.

Warning :

D.L. Diamond

The Twins

Warden's Father.


Going to add you! OH MY GOD!

I just remembered Hunter is going to be on hiatus for a week. She wont have computer access

Alright then.

Young Warden

I will add you now.

Mind if I reserve Young Warden? xD

Oh why not? XD I’ll reserve him for you. Just message me using his account once you’re done making one for the little guy. :D

I claim Hunter

I will add you.

Combaticus is available again.

Reminder :

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Me & My GF Might also play the gays.

On a side note: What else can we do to enhance our RP?

JEAN AND PAUL? Oh why not?

Do you want me to reserve them for you?

Enhance RPing? Hmm…

3 Components make a good RP.

1) Good grammar and spelling

2) Balanced / Well-rounded / believable characterization or head canon.

3) Beautiful Interactions.