SJ!Tumblr Masterlist
I'm going to see if my friend will play Hunter on here

Message me once she has confirmed it.

D.L. Diamond

I guess, this is the account. I shall add you.

Mind if I reserve Combaticus? =)

Oh why not? XD I’ll reserve him for you.

ooc // You know this already. URL changed.

I fixed that up for you. :D

And here i am >3

I will add you now!

MSN RPing?

This community stretches up until MSN too.

Most IDs could be found on the description part of people’s pages and if not, feel free to ask. We’re nice people. /shrugs

Having an MSN is optional but highly recommended.

I'll take Lord Stingray c8

Alright then! I will reserve him for you. :D

We have arrived.

I will add you now! :D

Hummm, oh my such a hard choice. I think I'll go with The Twins~ (sorry Singray, I love you bb maybe next time ♥) I'll make a account right now~

Alright, just message me using that account once you’re ready so you would be added. :D

Jared has already been reserved.

I will be waiting for your message.