SJ!Tumblr Masterlist
SJ!Tumblr Rules

SJ!Tumblr Rules

  • Remember to message the masterlist if you wish to reserve a character and/or have already made the account for him/her.
  • You are given 1 week to make your account, failure to comply will result to having your character of choice being an available character once more.
  • There can only be one of each character in Superjail.
  • For URL changes, please notify the Master List ASAP.
  • Original characters are not allowed.
  • Keep RPs with those outside of the community at a minimum. (If you really want to badly RP with them, take it to MSN or somewhere else.)
  • You can have a maximum of 2 accounts in the community but we discourage this since the other account tends to be ignored or forgotten in the end. Also, others should be given a chance to play them as well.
  • Notify the masterlist if you are planning to be on hiatus for at least a week.
  • Failure to post for two weeks [without notifying us about your hiatus] will get you a warning.
  • Failure to post for 3 weeks [without notifying us about your hiatus] will mean the Warden kicking you out of Superjail.
  • If you wish to leave the community, please notify the masterlist so that you will be taken off the list.
  • Do remember that as an RP community especially one that is Superjail, there will be things such as gore and sex [both hetero and homo].
  • Stay as faithful as you can to the character. As a roleplayer, it is your job to bring him or her to life.
  • Your roleplaying account is NOT your personal account.
  • Remember to follow the other members to get as much interaction as possible.

For further questions, don’t be shy about sending the master list a quick message. :D